How Do I Register?

Every pack should have a Pack Coordinator who will act as a point person for Day Camp.  They will be given the registration paperwork as well as important updates about camp.  All forms and payments should go through your home pack.  The pack will make a single payment to council for all their registered day camp scouts. If you pack does not have a designated Pack Coordinator then consider volunteering for the position.  Your Cubmaster will be contacted if your no Pack Coordinator is listed. While we prefer you to bring others from your pack, we understand smaller packs may not have that option.  If you are a single registrant, then contact us for how to register.


Cub Scout Day Camp is available to all registered rising 1st - 5th grade Cub Scouts. 

Cub Scouts Ranks Are:

Scouts currently 6 years old or will be going into 1st grade in the fall. 


Scouts currently 7 years old or will be going into 2nd grade in the fall.


Scouts currently 8 years old or will be going into 3rd grade the fall.


Scouts currently 10/11 years old or will be going into 4th/5th grade in fall and has not graduated into Scouts BSA.




Scout Camp is located at the easternmost point of Mecklenburg County and has property located in Mecklenburg, Union, and Cabarrus counties. It is about 25 minutes from downtown Charlotte to the camp entrance.


Belk Scout Camp
9408 Belt Road
Midland, North Carolina 28107

Telephone: 704-545-0958


A typical day at camp starts at 9 a.m. sharp and finishes promptly at 4 p.m. We do not offer early drop-off or late pick up at this time.  All of our staff are volunteers who need to get home after their day at camp.  ** COVID19 Health and Safety Checks will extend the Check In Process.  Please be Patient with the process and look for more information on staggered entry options **


$175 is the early bird fee to attend Cub Scout Day Camp if you

have completed online registration by May 1st at 5:00 p.m.

$200 is the fee to attend Cub Scout Day Camp if you have

completed registration after May 1st.

We offer an on-site child care for any volunteer for a flat fee of $5 per day. 

For a full week volunteer this is refunded back Friday afternoon.


What happens if I change my mind about coming to camp?

For refunds, see our refund policy. Youth or adults asked to leave camp for disciplinary or reasons will not receive a refund.


We do not want any Scout to miss out on the opportunity to attend Day Camp due to financial need. Limited funds are available to

assist families in need in Mecklenburg County Council. Campership applications are available under Forms. Applications

must be received on or before May 1st for consideration.


Earn your way to camp!

Get to camp by fundraising and selling camp cards. Reach your goal to get a free week of camp! It’s that easy, sell camp cards and

go to camp!!


All Scouts, siblings (participating and non-participating), and adults will need to complete and submit a BSA Health & Medical Record parts A & B. Forms will be returned at the end of the day camp. Forms not picked up will be destroyed.






All adults will need to have proof of completion of BSA youth protection training as well their medical forms. More information about the BSA's Youth Protection Training and how to obtain these clearances can be found on the Pack Resources page of this website. 

Cub Scout Day Camp and the Coronavirus

The COVID-19 Pandemic and the current stay-at-home restrictions have made life very different for at least the foreseeable future.  We understand that you and your families are working through various challenges and decisions, as are we all.  The health and welfare of our Cub Scouts and their families, our Volunteers, and Staff are our top priority.

Mecklenburg County Council has made several health and sanitation related protocol changes that make having a traditional Cub Day Camp possible.  These protocols are presented to the Pack Coordinators and published on the Pack Resources  page of this website.  Should there be any cancellations or schedule alterations, from the state and local government you will be contacted as soon as possible. 


The Health Officer at Day Camp will collect medications in the morning during check in and administer only medications prescribed by a Doctor.


All medications must be in their original container and properly labeled.   Medications will be secured and/or refrigerated in the Health Lodge.  Medications will be returned to the scout just prior to departure daily. Medical Record forms must specify any medications, dosage, and time to be administered, and be signed by the Scout’s parents or guardians.


All initial communications from and to the packs are filtered through the day camp coordinator.  This allows the same information to be shared with a greater audience.  It is also much easier for the camp director to communicate with 20 day camp coordinators than to communicate with 200 families. In the month before Day Camp, direct communication with parents of registered campers is possible through newsletter sign up, GroupMe app and facebook page. 


The Mecklenburg County Council believes that no Scout should be denied access to a great program due to financial need. A Scout is Thrifty, So we do encourage a Scout to show that they are working to earn their way to camp, a training, or activity, but sometimes it's not quite enough.

Through the generous donations from supporters of Scouting, we are proud to offer camperships and scholarships to those in need to attend summer camp. Campership applications do require Unit Leader approval, so make sure you communicate with them that you will be requesting funds. We reach out to Unit Leaders prior to the Campership Committee's deliberation to get more information about Unit need.

Camperships are awarded based upon need, full completion of the application, and timeliness. The committee will review the applications and set award amounts. Once approved, the Council will notify families, and apply the award amount to the Scout’s event registration.

The Scout must be registered for the event that the request a campership for in order for the award amount to be matched and applied the balance. The Scout must stay current with the payment schedule for the event. In the case that a campership award is greater than the balance due when approved, the difference will be refunded. See our forms page for copies.

Refund Policy

All refunding situations are handled on a case by case basis and are handled through the Mecklenburg County Council.